Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) from an Islamic Perspective

The discussion of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) from an Islamic perspective is in it’s early stages of development, and this same conversation is hopefully taking place in other religions across the globe as the world begins to publicly debate the topic of GMO’s and how/if they can be accepted based on religious principles.  Many new (and/or long-term) studies are beginning to paint a negative image on the safety and scientific integrity of GMO’s (Gilles-Eric Séralini).  The conversations about the safety and morality of GMO’s, based on a religious perspective, are long over-due.

Islam, not unlike any other religion from around the world, contains many specific instructions about how food should be planted, raised, harvested, butchered, preserved, cooked and eaten.  These passages were written long before the invention of genetically modified organisms, but they speak clearly about the importance of clean and healthy food, of non-destructive methods of agriculture and of a different perspective of land ownership.  We will take a look at some of these passages found in the Qur’an and the hadith (one of various reports describing the words, actions, or habits of the Islamic prophet Muhammad [pbuh]), and also point out pertinent facts about GMO’s that come into conflict with the Islamic traditional ways of growing and consuming food.  Additionally, the book Medicine of the Prophet (Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya, trans. by Penelope Johnston, 1998) contains abundant information about natural healing and the use of food-as-medicine, and it gives us strong support for the argument that safe and high-quality food  – and not an abundance of lower quality food using un-natural genetic engineering, toxic chemicals and pesticides – is needed for good health of an entire population. “The body only becomes strong in accordance with the quality of the food it accepts, not its quantity.” (Medicine of the Prophet, Johnston (trans). page 13)  In this article, we will discuss various points involving GMO’s – politics and Iraq, Islamic farming in Africa, land ownership and the gut/immune health.

Politics – A Condensed Timeline of GMO’s leading to “Order 81” in Iraq:

How GMO’s are slowly infiltrating traditional farming around the world

1994 – GMO Hits Grocery Stores
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the Flavr Savr tomato for sale on grocery store shelves in the United States. The delayed-ripening tomato had a longer shelf life than conventional tomatoes.

1999 – GMO Food Crops Dominate
Over 100 million acres worldwide are planted with genetically engineered seeds. The marketplace begins embracing GMO technology at an alarming rate.

2004 April 26 – Order 81

“Order 81” is introduced as part of the “rehabilitation” of Iraq toward the end of the war.  In his 400 days of service as CPA administrator, US diplomat L Paul Bremer issued a series of directives known collectively as the “100 Orders.” Bremer’s orders set up the building blocks of the new Iraq, and among them is Order 81, officially titled Amendments to Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety Law.

What Order 81 did was to establish the strong intellectual property protections on seed and plant products that a company like the St. Louis-based Monsanto — purveyors of genetically modified (GM) seeds and other patented agricultural goods — requires before they’ll set up shop in a new market like the new Iraq. With these new protections, Iraq was open for business. In short, Order 81 was Bremer’s way of telling Monsanto that the same conditions had been created in Iraq that had led to the company’s stunning successes in India.

Order 81 deals specifically with Plant Variety Protection (PVP) because it is designed to protect the commercial interests of corporate seed companies. Its aim is to force Iraqi farmers to plant so-called “protected” crop varieties ‘defined as new, distinct uniform and stable’, and most likely genetically modified. This means Iraqi farmers will have one choice; to buy PVP registered seeds. Order 81 opens the way for patenting (ownership) of plant forms, and facilitates the introduction of genetically modified crops or organisms (GMOs) to Iraq. U.S. agricultural biotechnology corporations, such as Monsanto and Syngenta will be the beneficiaries. Iraqi farmers will be forced to buy their seeds from these corporations. GMOs will replace the old tradition of breeding closely related plants, and replace them with organisms composed of DNA from an altogether different species, e.g., bacterium genes into corn. In the long run, there won’t be a big enough gene pool for genetic viability. (Hassan)


The Emergence of Islamic (Conservative) Farming in Africa

Dr Ahmad Husna OBE (Africa) is the author of “Islamic Farming, A Toolkit for Conservation Farming.”  The manual, which was instigated in 2012, is a faith-based curriculum for farming based on Islamic teachings and is the result of collaboration between Islamic clerics and scholars in Africa.  Dr Husna is the author of the manual, which is “designed for trainers to inspire and train Muslim farmers on sustainable Islamic agriculture; incorporating their Islamic duties of stewardship of the land and practical methods to increase their harvests InshAllah.” (Husna, 6)

“What is particularly interesting in today’s context is the fact that the system described by the Muslim agronomists has much in common with the various methods of alternative farming practiced today under such names as sustainable agriculture, organic farming, permaculture, biodynamic farming, holistic agriculture, low-input farming, ecological farming, and regenerative agriculture, which all have sustainability as their ultimate goal: the ability to farm productively in perpetuity, without depletion of natural resources or harm to the environment and without compromising the needs of future generations.” (Husna)

GMO farming, unfortunately, has proven to be detrimental to future generations of human, animal and plant life.  Round-up, which is sprayed on all GMO crops, has been detected in groundwater supplies worldwide, in the breast milk of 99% of American women, and herbicide usage has increased by 527 million pounds per year since the introduction of GMO’s.  These sprays can cause mass die-offs in the insect and bird populations, and Round-up has been recently been labeled as “carcinogenic” in the state of California.  GMO pollen can spread and infect neighboring plant life with un-natural DNA, altering the plant DNA permanently and harming the integrity of native plant, insect and animal life.  Super weeds and super bugs have become a concern as well, and the diseases that the GMO’s were attempting to avoid are also mutating beyond the reaches of the chemicals.  These diseases can spread to native plants.  This could bring-on a national food crisis all by itself. (Benson)

Then let mankind look at his foodHow We poured down water in torrents,
Then We broke open the Earth, splitting [it with sprouts], And caused to grow within it grain,
And grapes and herbage,And olives and palm trees,
And gardens of dense shrubbery,And fruit and grass—
[As] enjoyment for you and your grazing livestock.

Surah `Abasa: 24-32

“If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person, or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a sadaqah (voluntary charity) for him.” (Bukhari)

However, recent research on GMO’s has led to conclusions about the negative impact of GMO’s on insects, such as the following:

“Here we show that chronic exposure of bumble bees to two pesticides (neonicotinoid and pyrethroid) at concentrations that could approximate field-level exposure

impairs natural foraging behavior and increases worker mortality leading to significant reductions in brood development and colony success. ” (Mercola)

At least 94% of the 92 million acres of corn planted across the U.S. this year will have been treated with either clothianidin or thiamethoxam (another neonicotinoid). (PAN)  Bees are highly attracted to corn, and an entire colony can be gone in one day from exposure to these chemicals.  Additionally, Round-up, Bt bacteria and other GMO byproducts are known to degrade and deplete the soil of its vital nutrients, leaving the soil arid and lifeless, upsetting the normal micro biome of the soil, and causing the soil to be unable to grow food without the use of more and more synthetic chemicals and fertilizers.  The micro biome of the soil is what maintains the health of the plants, without it there is a high incidence of un-checked fungus and pests, which requires even more chemicals.  It is an endless cycle and the only “cure” is to return the soil back to its healthy state, which can take many years and the cessation of GMO farming.

Land Ownership

“Between the eighth and 12th centuries, the Islamic rules and land ownership and labour rights created big incentives to engage in agriculture. There are a number of hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which relate to land ownership and the importance of equitable distribution of yields from agricultural production. During the Islamic Agricultural Revolution, Islamic precepts and customary laws ensured that farming was conducted more fairly and more effectively. For the first time in many places, any individual – man or woman – had the right to own, buy, sell, mortgage and inherit land, and most importantly, farm it as he or she liked.

Relatively low rates of taxation, where they existed at all, were paid as a fixed proportion of output, freeing farmers from uncertain taxes. Large estates, which had come to dominate everywhere and monopolise agriculture, were often broken down into smaller ownerships, or at least had to compete with smaller farms and individual peasant smallholdings. The lands around cities were given over to small market gardens and orchards. Serfdom and slavery were virtually absent from the countryside in the early Islamic world; instead, the legal and actual condition of the overwhelming majority of those who worked on the land was one of freedom.” (Ahmad, 14)


In comparison, a brief study of the history of Monsanto and GMO farming will reveal a history of land-grabbing by large corporations that has led to large-scale mono-cropping, loss of small family farms, deforestation, land erosion and a great loss of ancient topsoil, polluted water and soil, health issues in the entire population related to consumption of GMO’s, and a general lack of consciousness about long-term consequences.  GMO farmers, in essence, seem to have a disconnected relationship with Nature, which seems at-odds with what a farmer should be.  Countless traditional farmers in countries whose politicians have allowed GMO agriculture into their borders have lost their farms, many times due to wind-blown GMO pollen contamination on fields that were not planted with GMO seeds.  Since GMO seeds are patented, lawyers have been able to sure small farmers for having contaminated fields.  These expensive lawsuits seem almost too unbelievable to be true, but the stories are many and the small farmer is often helpless against bio-engineering giants like Monsanto, who have their own lawyers ready-to-go anytime a farm has been flagged “contaminated.”  Alternatively, farmers who have signed contracts to grow GMO’s have lost the skills to grow a variety of edible food for their own families, most go into debt unless they receive subsidies (which come from taxes that you and I pay, and that never go to organic farmers), they cannot re-use seeds from year-to-year and many of them become sickly because of the toxicity of the spraying that happens all around them.


Genetic Contamination of Gut Flora (Microbiome)

The idea of having genetically engineered genes permanently living inside our guts has staggering implications:

  • If the antibiotic gene inserted into most GM crops were to transfer, it could create antibiotic-resistant diseases.
  • Bt toxins (Bacillus thuringiensis) inserted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of 93% of women and 80% of unborn babies because of the consumption of meat, milk, and eggs from livestock fed GE corn. This could turn bacteria in our intestines into pesticide factories.
  • Animal studies show that DNA in food can travel into organs throughout the body, even into the fetus. (Alliance for Natural Health)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) noted that disease began in the gut.  We know today that the gut flora (micro biome) is the core of our immune system and a necessary part of digestion.  Without a balanced and healthy gut, good health is simply not achievable.  Most American mothers are now eating GMO’s throughout their pregnancy, so their health is compromised during pregnancy more than ever before in human history.  The unborn of modern times are not getting the same nutrition as mothers in the past, and these nutritional deficiencies and toxicities can cause genetic mutations at every step of development.  GMO’s are causing genetic changes in the un-born that cannot be reversed and that can be passed-down to the next generation.  These are permanent DNA changes with unknown consequences.  It is also suspected that GMO’s play an important role in conditions such as IBS, autoimmune issues, food allergies and general poor health in many ways.  It is common for people with food allergies to find quick relief from their “allergies” by switching to organic foods.  So are they allergic to the food, or is something wrong with the GMO food?  GMO’s are linked to sterility in rats after several generations of consumption, and hamster pups began to grow hair inside the mouth after several generations of parents that had been fed GMO food.  It seems highly unlikely that any religion could justify these types of conditions brought-on by lab-created agriculture (as apposed to divinely-created) and the food it produces.


When considered from an Islamic perspective, GMO’s are in conflict with the religion.  In fact, GMO’s are in conflict with most (if not all) religions, although this post was about Islam in particular.  It is important that the religious leaders and followers educate themselves about GMO’s and become conscious of the politics and health concerns involving them.  Please watch the following video – Interfaith Event on GMO’s – Imam Muhammad Musri Presentation to hear from a Muslim religious leader, about GMO’s from his perspective.



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The Use of Nuclear Weapons from an Islamic Perspective

Castle Bravo – Bikini Atoll, 1954
Castle Bravo was the biggest ever nuclear test carried out by the United States. The explosion above was caused by a 15 megaton explosion.
This was somewhat of surprise to the boffins carrying it out who only expected a 6 megaton yield.
It also resulted in massive fallout which killed some of the crew of a nearby Japanese fishing boat and poisoned several nearby, inhabited islands.
   In our modern nuclear era, it has become extremely important for all religions to publicly respond to the moral questions of the use of nuclear weapons, even if using religious texts that were written in a time when nuclear weapons did not exist.  Most Muslim scholars agree that the use of nuclear weapons and Islam are not compatible, and especially as a first-attack.  While the acquisition of nuclear weapons as a deterrent might be justifiable under conditions of an imminent nuclear threat, their actual use would be virtually impossible to justify using Classic Islamic principles considering the indiscriminate deaths that would occur, especially amongst women, children and the elderly, as well as the wide-spread damage to the environment, animal life and any existing structures already in use.  Exposure to the radiation of nuclear bombs can alter the DNA of humans, plants and animals, and everything in the kill zone is destroyed immediately.  (Dowd)  
   There are numerous times when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is known to have made statements similar to “Do no kill a decrepit old man, or a young infant, or a child, or a woman.” (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 14, Number 2608)  A famous quote that clearly makes nuclear weapons and Islam incompatible comes from Abu Bakr, the first Caliph and successor to Prophet Muhammad.  In a speech to the Muslim army before the invasion of what is now Syria in 632, he states: “Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire… Slay not any of the enemy’s flock, save for food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services, leave them alone.”  
   Additionally, there are also very strict Rules of Jihad in Islam, most of which would not be compatible with a nuclear bomb attack:
  • The opponent must always have started the fighting.
  • It must not be fought to gain territory.
  • It must be launched by a religious leader.
  • It must be fought to bring about good – something that Allah will approve of.
  • Every other way of solving the problem must be tried before resorting to war.
  • Innocent people should not be killed.
  • Women, children, or old people should not be killed or hurt.
  • Women must not be raped.
  • Enemies must be treated with justice.
  • Wounded enemy soldiers must be treated in exactly the same way as one’s own soldiers.
  • The war must stop as soon as the enemy asks for peace.
  • Property must not be damaged.
  • Poisoning wells is forbidden. The modern analogy would be chemical or biological warfare. (BBC)


Canopus nuclear test – Fangataufa Atoll, 1968
This French 2.6 megaton hydrogen bomb was detonated whilst suspended from a hydrogen balloon 1,800 feet (600 m) above the island of Fangataufa.
Apparently fallout from this explosion is what created Godzilla.
   Al-Ghazali, a famous 12th-century theologian, believed that these moral prohibitions could only be lifted if the Muslim community was at risk of complete destruction from an outside aggressor.  Thus, in order to even justify the use of nuclear weapons, the Muslim community must have already been attacked by nuclear weapons by an aggressor, and then be threatened with complete annihilation: “The Law of Equality applies. If then anyone violates the prohibition against you, (then) you transgress likewise against him.  But fear Allah, and know that Allah is with those who restrain themselves.” (2:194)  However, retaliation must be no more than the original harm suffered: “If you (believers) have to respond to an attack, make your response proportionate, but it is best to stand fast.” (16:126)  (Krepon)
In the current state of international politics we are ultimately faced with an out-of-control arms race, especially between the super-powers “whereby strong states dominate the world order irrespective of the rules of international law.” (Reiter, 57)  Currently, the West is dominating while weaker states remain bound to these laws.  Under these circumstances, and according to the Sharia, “Muslims must be ready and equipped to protect peace and detour aggression.”  (Reiter, 57)  While most Muslim scholars are open to international laws and organizations such as the United Nations in order to promote peace between nations (as long as the organization is not controlled by one super power), others feel they should remain loyal to their own Sharia Laws to navigate through colliding cultures, especially in areas where unsolicited aggression is being used against the Muslim culture.    


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Bio-feedback that shows I was damaged by vaccines

What does not kill you will make you stronger, and this includes vaccines.  I must also be one of the few people on planet Earth that actually has evidence on paper that I was damaged by vaccines.  Seven years after receiving three vaccines in one day at the request of the University of Central Florida, and after seven years of suffering because of the adverse reactions from those vaccines, I was finally redeemed by SCIO bio-feedback.  Its just one of the amazing things I have learned about my own health through one of the most amazing (and safest) technologies I have ever embraced – bio-feedback.

This particular chapter of my journey-to-health begins in January, 2009, in my last semester of eight years of college/grad school.  The University of Central Florida medical department had a nice vaccine business going…they probably still do.  They supply their own students with all the vaccines they could ever desire!  I was scheduled to go to Belize to do my archaeology field season before graduating and it is standard procedure for students to get vaccines before going on any travels outside of the country.  This was before I was anti-vaccine and before I “woke up” about the adverse reactions to vaccines.  So, without asking why, I got the vaccines…three of them in one day, pertussis, tetanus and hepatitis C.  It was late January, 2009.  I was in Belize a few days later, and for the next 5 weeks I was digging, climbing ruins, walking long distances through the jungle, sweating, eating fresh bacon and eggs and cheese from an Amish farm nearby (the food we were served was mostly ketogenic and clean, cooked on outdoor fire-pits, but without any fresh vegetables for the entire five weeks).  I drank pure water from an ancient Maya reservoir that still held clean water.  All seemed well while I became acclimated to living in the jungle, I even breezed through the spring without the usual sneezing and runny nose stuff…my body was in too much shock from living outdoors to even deal with typical springtime allergy stuff!  It was like an Indiana Jones adventure, no electricity, no phones, no running water, no showers except for 4-gallon shower bags that we brought with us for camping.  I lost some weight from all the physical labor and sweating we did every day.  I came home exhausted but more confident in my ability to rough-it in the wild.  And then, when I got home, my health began falling apart…quickly.

Upon returning home in mid-March, I went back to my regular life and my normal processed food diet, I stopped working outside and sweating all day long.  I began work on finishing my thesis.  I actually thought I was fine and just experiencing normal aging and exhaustion from grad school in my late 30’s.  However, this is about the time when the new symptoms started, despite being the beginning of the summer when chronic problems are in their least symptomatic activity.  My health started to go downhill before I ever even graduated that summer semester.  Within a few weeks of returning home, my legs started to break-out into very dry, scaly skin, and I started to experience more and more pain in my joints, until it became difficult to just walk or stand up sometimes.  I started to cough …and this wasn’t your regular cough.  This was whooping cough.  I have never had whooping cough before, I never experienced coughing that was so bad that I would have to excuse myself to another room so that I could get myself back under control…which sometimes meant going home early from parties or events.  I started to gain weight, and within two years of the vaccines had gained around 15 lbs.  As the months went by, my skin started aging faster and faster, the skin on my neck started to show lots of wrinkles, and the coughing became more and more severe…to the point that I had to basically stop laughing, else I would go off into a 30-minute coughing spasm.  I could not talk on the phone for more than 10-15 minutes, because I would start coughing again.  The dry skin on my legs (in addition to my left hand) got so bad that I had constant red, open sores from scratching so much, and the skin on my knuckles would crack open if I bent my fingers…especially in the winter months.  Sometimes, I could not use my left hand because it was so painful to hold objects.  I would have coughing episodes and bronchitis episodes that would go on for hours.  I had arthritic pain that got worse, and worse, and worse.  All of these things got worse and worse over the course of about 2 years.  I was miserable…truly, truly miserable.   I had suffered from chronic bronchitis year after year but it seemed to be on high-speed now, and it now effected me throughout the entire year, not just in the winter months.  I started to have daily thoughts that my best days were behind me and that I was headed for a miserable death.  I wondered if I would even reach 45 years old (I was 38 at the time).  I was also suspicious of those vaccines, because all of the severe symptoms I had suddenly developed were known to be adverse side-effects of vaccines.  But there was no proof, and the people at UCF ignored me when I reported my experiences.

To make a long story short, I changed my diet and started putting myself through detox after detox, starting December 11, 2011.  I didn’t start doing these things for me, I did it because I was trying to inspire someone else to eat healthy after she was diagnosed with cancer.  A Reiki Master-friend had told me that the Alkaline Diet would greatly help someone who had disease, so I was trying to influence someone with disease to eat healthier…not realizing how this would effect my own health within just a few days.  Within four days, my arthritis was gone, so I kept going out of pure enthusiasm of just feeling better for the first time in years.  I was a beginner myself at using food-as-medicine.  I started juicing raw vegetables, started reading lots of books about the topic of food-as-medicine, became very inspired as my own health continued to improve, and then I became a Nutritional Therapist and started helping others to regain their health too.  Every winter, the bronchitis and breathing problems became less and less of an isssue.  I learned through the process of trial and error that eating white processed sugar, or too much acid food and not enough alkaline food, or working around synthetic chemicals and fumes were my “triggers” for all-night asthma attacks.  By the winter of 2017, I had learned so much about staying healthy the natural way that I was finally able to get through an entire winter without any breathing or coughing episodes.  My skin looks years younger and the eczema is gone, and I am down to my optimum weight and can officially say that I have my youthful health back.  The winter season of 2016-2017 was the first winter since I was about 19 that I have been able to get through an entire winter season without any lung problems!  This has been very exciting for me, pure joy and relief that my best days are in fact NOT over.

But what about those vaccines that caused everything to take a rapid turn for the worse in 2009?

In January 2016, my parents bought a package of SCIO  biofeedback sessions for me, as a gift.  I had been using SCIO bio-feedback technology for a while at that point, but not for me…it was always for others.  It is an amazing way of detecting issues that can often take weeks, months, or years for conventional testing to figure out and confirm, and there are no side-effects or any radiation toxicity to deal with afterwards!  No surgeries needed, no biopsies needed, no more damage to your weakened and sick body…and you get to know a bigger picture of your current health – mind, body and soul.  It reads frequencies in the body, both good and bad, including emotional frequencies.  It can detect over 65,000,000 different frequencies for everything from viral and/or bacterial infections to nutritional deficiencies, it can detect emotional blockages that are effecting your health and, as I found out, it can even tell you if you have been damaged by a vaccine.  Below are two clipped shots of my first SCIO biofeedback session, done by my friend Drew with Quantum Bio-Energetic Services in Altamonte Springs, FL.    The first one under “bacteria” is identifying current bacterial (and viral) infections that my body was dealing with at that time, and the vaccine was identified…plus, it identified tuberculosis as well, which I probably had suffered from chronically for a long time before the vaccine.  The bio-feedback gave me answers.  It became clear that my lungs were damaged by my earlier lifestyle and the vaccine was the icing on the cake.


(As a side-note, the tuberculosis has now been rectified and is no longer an issue, thanks to the use of high frequencies over the period of several months.  It no longer shows up on bio-feedback scans.)

The second image is telling me that my body was (at that moment in time) still dealing with the toxicity of the pertussis-tetanus vaccines.  Therefore, the first bio-feedback scan identified the vaccine damage TWICE in the first report.  Homotoxicology is a biological medical practice that studies that effects of toxic substances in the body.  These substances can include:

  1. Mercury fillings in teeth.
  2. Unhealthy microorganisms in the gut often caused by an unhealthy diet, hormone replacement therapy, and/or antibiotics.
  3. Chronic yeast infections (Candida).
  4. Exposure to unhealthy electro-magnetic fields.
  5. Air pollution
  6. Pesticides
  7. Undiagnosed bacteria such as salmonella
  8. Undiagnosed stomach infections


Was this report merely coincidence, or did it really just say that I have been struggling with the adverse side-effects of vaccines that I received in 2009?  I have always suspected that the vaccines brought-on the arthritis, the extreme eczema, the weight-gain and the whooping cough…I have concluded that I got the whooping cough FROM the whooping cough vaccine (pertussis).  There was never any mention of this vaccine before the initial bio-feedback session began, so how would it have known?  The SCIO program identified it all by itself, seven years after I had been aggressively trying to reclaim my health since getting those vaccines.  I had four bio-feedback sessions in January 2016, one each week for a month.  Each one “down-graded” my situation and corrected frequencies where they were the most out-of-balance…mostly my lungs.  By the end of the month there was no indication of TB or the vaccine damage.  I also had the extremely fortunate opportunity to have a Quantum Pulse (thank-you Drew and Sandy, please see the link in previous paragraph for Quantum Bio-Energetic Services)) in my home for about 6 months after this SCIO report was done, and I used it!  Between four SCIO sessions last January, and several months of using the Quantum Pulse, eliminating white processed sugar from my diet completely, reducing carbs in my diet substantially, and moving to the country and away from the city, and seven years of learning how to use food-as-medicine, I feel healed, completely.  I just experienced my first winter season WITHOUT any problems with my lungs…not one single night did I stay up trying to get a breath of air!  This is the first time since I was 19 years old that I enjoyed an entire winter season without lung issues (I am now 46 years old).  I also feel redeemed about my worries of being damaged by those vaccines.  It’s on paper now, and a bio-feedback computer program found it without any help or nudging.  And I have overcome the damage to my lungs from years of abusive lifestyle AND vaccine damage.  Life is great!  Thank-you for reading.  Say no to vaccines and antibiotics, learn to keep your gut healthy and happy…that is your real immunity, your gut flora.



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Notes and images from the Muslim “March For America,” July 23, 2016


   Last summer (2016), I was invited to participate in a peace event that was held in Washington DC.  The event was sponsored by American-Islam, “a national organization representing and working to empower moderate American Muslims by providing them with religious, educational, social, financial, and advocacy services, and outreaching to the U.S. population, media, and government with the true peaceful message of Islam.” (ISLAM, Inc.)  I have been studying Islam as a non-Muslim anthropologist by participating in various Muslim activities over the last four years, as a guest speaker at past conferences sponsored by America-Islam, by attending public classes at the Islamic Society of Central Florida, and by becoming friends with many American Muslims in the Orlando area.  They have allowed me to blog information about them that helps to dispel mis-information that has tainted the reputation of their religion.  You can read more of my blogs about Islam by clicking on “Islam” in the Categories Menu.   They are proud Americans and they enjoy being able to live in a country where they are free to represent their religion with dignity, and, as they say to me over and over, “in the right way.”  To them, the word “Islam” literally means “peace.”  It bothers them daily that they are associated with the negativity that has plagued Islam in the media for years.

To begin with, let me say that the idea of traveling for 12 hours to Washington DC, on a bus filled with Muslims, sounded like something I was meant to do.  Turns out, it was the most exciting thing I did all year!  But I did have a great fear in my stomach that started the moment I decided to go, and didn’t end until I stepped back into my house after we returned home.  The fear was what other people would think of us as we traveled from city to city, getting on and off the bus, at a time when America is still struggling with Islamophobia.  My biggest fear was what others might do to us, but we all went knowing this and everyone seemed happy to face it.  My own personal mission was to take pictures and then tell a story that showed them in ways that most Americans don’t ever get to see them…as humans.  If you would like to read more about why I decided to go, please read my pre-trip blog entitled “Why I am going to Washington DC to support Islam.”


Our trip began in Orlando, Florida on a big touring bus, headed to Washington DC.  The bus was filled with Muslim youth, young adults, adult volunteers, elderly volunteer couples, a student from a local college who came also to volunteer, and me.  We drove the whole way to DC without stopping, other than for bathroom breaks.  I brought my own cooler full of avocados, raw cheese, raw nuts, organic coffee, etc.  It seems silly that I would mention a cooler full of food that I brought with me, but it turns out that my raw food enabled me to be very pro-active during the weekend, I had lots of energy that kept me going and I never crashed.  The weekend turned out to be very exhausting, so I was happy that I brought my own food!  Some of the youth were asking me about “how I ate” on the trip home, and they treated me with a lot of respect and friendship on the entire journey.  I have become known as the “lady who teaches ‘Medicine of the Prophet’ classes.  They are intelligent young people, happy, polite, wanting the world to accept them.


On our way to Washington DC, we had to stop several times for gas.  At this particular stop, the entire bus-load of Muslims decided to exit the bus for a stretch and late afternoon prayer.  (At other prayer times, if we were driving and to conserve time, prayers were performed on the bus with someone leading them on the microphone.)  This particular stop was in North Carolina, at a truck stop along the highway.  They gave me permission to take photos on the trip, even when they prayed.  As I took this photo, a truck driver slowly drove by as he exited the parking lot of the truck stop.  If I could have taken a picture of his face as he drove by, it would have been priceless…he looked terrified!  And that is why this photo is so important, because this moment at this truck stop elucidated (to me) the irrational fear that has been programmed into the minds of the American public.  It seemed that no matter what gas station we went into for bathroom breaks on the long drive (especially in the south-eastern region), the group attracted many uncomfortable looks from many people.  It was very interesting to me to watch people react to a bus full of Muslims during these truck stop breaks.  We have a lot of work to do to get over the fear.


We started our trip very early (6:00am) in the morning on a Thursday, and arrived in Washington DC late Thursday evening.  It was a long drive, but we survived.  Friday morning, everyone woke up and went across the street for breakfast at a little café.  Then, we stepped outside to have a “pep” talk and go over the plan for the day – setting up the stage and getting the event area ready for the next day!  The people that you see in the above two photos were the people on the bus that I rode on.  As you can see, there are all ages, families, couples, singles, lots of young adults for labor, some ladies covered their entire face, other didn’t even cover their head.  It is important to notice that in America, Muslim women are more liberal about wearing the hijab, so there are all different types and styles.  They appreciate the freedom to wear it or not in America.

Shortly after these photos were taken, we were picked up by the bus and taken downtown DC, and dropped-off in front of the Capital, where the stage and event area awaited us!


(Picture taken from the bus, we are close!!)


The stage, almost completely set up and ready to go!  All the sponsors, friends, supporters are listed on the banners!  When we got to the stage Friday morning to begin working, I was handed a list of all the speakers that were scheduled to be there from all over the nation…Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and even Sikh!  It took me all afternoon and into the evening to contact them and confirm they were in town.  The volunteer crew divided up into teams and everyone went to work getting the site ready.  It was a very long and hot day, but everyone was happy to be there on a peace mission.


Mid-day break and pep-talk, followed by prayer in the park facing the Capital.  It was interesting that while in Washington DC, people didn’t really mind that Muslims were praying in the park.  They were very curious, some got their cameras out and took pictures, and I walked around and explained to people what was going on.  It seemed that people in DC were very pleased to see the event taking place, and some even came back later that evening to watch.

mfa4 mfa3

During the very last few minutes of the first set-up day (Friday), a small group of young men (obviously Christian) approached a small group of our volunteers (obviously Muslim) who were standing in front of the stage.  They approached with clear intention to engage in religious conversation.  I was standing about 100 feet from them when I saw the encounter, so I quickly walked over to take photos and listen to the conversation.  I wasn’t going to miss this!

One of men who approached us was carrying a large cross that read “Jesus Saves,” hence the reason I say they were obviously Christian.  Another one of them was carrying a Bible, reading scripture outloud.  Most of our group was already back on the bus, exhausted, tired and hungry.  The group that was standing in front of the stage was a last-minute clean-up crew, who were headed to the bus within minutes.  We had literally just spent an entire day outside, in blazing summer heat and sunshine, we only had one short lunch break in the middle of the day, and there was lots of lifting, organizing, stage-setting, carrying bottled water to locations throughout the event area (so that no one dehydrated), and sweating…we sweated all day long.  Yet, despite being so exhausted, the Muslim group handled the encounter very well and embraced the religious dialogue as an opportunity for a friendly religious spar.  To be honest, I don’t think that the Christian group was going to let the situation end without some sort of religious debate…so, they all stood there and debated about Jesus for about five minutes.  However, it was going nowhere fast, so the Director of Education and our event organizer, Bassem, stepped in and quickly put the fires out with a few sentences of wisdom that no one could argue with.  He also shook-up one of the Christian youths when he pointed out that he saw that he was wearing a hidden-video recorder around his neck, and that he was aware that they were recording the encounter.  This is not the first event that I have participated in with the Islamic Society of Central Florida when strangers have tried to use video cameras without permission, for the purpose of taking video that is later severely edited and turned into negative propaganda against Islam.  When the man realized that he had been caught taping the encounter, he shut it off and apologized.  Despite the tension, everyone smiled, shook hands and walked away to the bus, and we headed back to the hotel to get some much-needed rest and showers.

The next day was going to be even longer…

The Muslim March For America begins!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Since the event didn’t start until around 4:00 in the afternoon, and since the stage was ready to go, our volunteer group was allowed to go sight-seeing for a few hours.  We visited many of the monuments, as many as we could.  This city has so much to see!  We were all dressed in our bright blue t-shirts, so it was easy to see that we were a group.


Muslim Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, getting ready for the pre-show activities!  And then there is the class comedian…always one in the group!  Trying to hide in line amongst the Boy Scouts!  Honestly, if it had not been for his comedian talent, the trip would have been so dull!  On the bus trip home, he grabbed the bus sound system microphone and blew us all away by singing a Frank Sinatra song with stunning ability!  He kept us rolling with laughter and entertainment on the entire bus trip.

They did the Pledge of Allegiance and sang patriotic songs for the crowd as a warm-up to the speakers who followed.


Right before show-time, I asked one of the guys to take a photo of me in front of the stage.  I just had to do it.  During the event, I was at the gate to the back-stage, with my list of confirmed speakers.  No one was to come in or out unless I had identified them as the person I had spoke to the day before.  There were security guards and police as well, standing at the gate to help me.  There were no issues all night long, everyone had a great time.  However, it was a very long and demanding few hours as speakers came and went when it was their turn.  But the event was successful and went smoothly!



People start arriving Saturday afternoon.  The event went for over six hours, so people came and went throughout the evening.  To have the Capital right behind the stage and the speakers was brilliant.   The “Three Wise Guys” were part of the speaking line-up.  They are a Rabbi, a Pastor and an Imam who do a radio show here in Orlando.  We love them, they make it easy to realize that we can all get along.  But there were many more speakers throughout the event, each one of them bringing their own unique message of peace from their own unique religion.  By the end of the day, we were all over-flowing with good feelings.


This friendly Muslim woman was standing on the sidewalk as I was approaching our bus that was parked behind the stage, this was shortly after the event was over and I was needing something from the bus.  I had seen her walking around in the audience while the speakers were on stage, but I could never get to her because I was stuck back-stage during the whole event.  She allowed me to take her photo, her name is Nadiya.  Her patriotism and smile were contagious throughout the day.

We were all so tired that night after two very long days of hard work, but we had so much fun and we were all so inspired by the positive feelings that surrounded the entire day!


On Sunday morning, we spent the beginning part of the day cleaning the entire grass area that was in front of the stage.  We left nothing to be picked up by park employees!  While cleaning up the field, I spotted this ribbon…rainbow striped for Gay Pride.  I had no idea who had dropped and was about to throw it away when I was startled by a male voice that said “hey, don’t throw that away, it is mine!”  I turned around and there was the comedian Muslim youth from our bus (in the Boy Scout picture above).  He grabbed it from my hand and pinned it onto his shirt.  He said that he has lost it the day before and could never find it.  He had been wearing it all weekend, as a symbol of remembrance to those who died in the Pulse nightclub shooting.  Despite what you might have been told about Muslims and their behaviors towards the LGBTQ community, he felt compelled to show love for his fellow humans.

Our trip home was just as enjoyable as the trip going to DC, although our energy level was quite a bit lower on the way home.  We arrived back in Orlando around 4:00 am Monday morning.  Mission completed, peace vibes sent out to the world.  All you have to do is enjoy the pictures and the captions, and keep spreading the peace!

To enjoy a video slideshow of more photos from our March For America, please click on this link and enjoy!  I am actually in some of the photos, especially the very first group photo of Muslim women standing in a line inside the hotel lobby (I am the girl with the white shirt on the right), and the very last photo of the entire group, at the end of the video (I am in the yellow t-shirt sitting in the middle of the group photo).  Hopefully you can find me!



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8 Reasons that Holistic/Natural Medicine Does Not Work (even though it does)

Many people doubt the idea that changing one’s diet could reverse degenerative disease, of most types, at any age.  Most people have victim-mentality and prefer to imagine that they have been struck by unfortunate fate, and they believe they are innocent in any participation of their poor health.  A ‘woe is me” attitude never gets you anywhere.  It is impossible to help those who do not want to help themselves, and I have realized the hard way that some people are just “ready to die” and do not wish to change how they eat, even if it meant saving themselves.  And this is OK, it really is OK that some people are tired.  Others gladly embrace a new healthy diet and lifestyle despite the various inconveniences such as withdrawal symptoms of sugar, salt and other addictive chemicals found in the Standard American Diet).  They are pleased with the almost-immediate rush of new-found energy as the high-dense nutrition begins to feed their cells for the first time in years.  This type of healing usually takes on a life of its own, as the person becomes more and more engaged with their own health.

Often, it is only when a patient has been told by their doctor that “there is nothing else that can be done” do they consider holistic and alternative medicine as a viable option.  Unfortunately, by this time, they are so beat-up by conventional treatments that there is little to work with.  Even still, a more-than-impressive amount of people do “cure” themselves after they have been sent home to die (and I have seen this happen myself).  Imagine the results they would have received had they gone to these natural methods first, before destroying the fragile health that they had with toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments!   Some people may have to work harder than others to achieve the same result, but to be connected with one’s own body and to be able to explore food and holistic options for relief from health problems is an instinctual right that every human being should encourage within themselves.

Despite the superb ability of super-foods, alkaline foods, medicinal foods/herbs, and various methods of detoxification to regenerate health in a sickly body, there are some common “hold-ups” that tend to get in the way of success.  Many people still hold in their hearts the memory of someone who attempted to use diet and detoxification to reverse their disease, only to die in the end of the disease.  Because of these experiences, they have decided that natural and holistic methods do not work.  This is not true.  It does work, but here is a list of some of the hold-ups that can keep a person from succeeding in their journey back to optimum health:

1.  The cancer is so extremely advanced that the immune system cannot heal fast enough to stop the spread and growth of the cancer, or the damage to the organs needed for detoxification (such as the liver or kidneys) is beyond repair and the detoxification itself becomes a serious health threat (as in liver toxicity), or the person has had so much conventional therapy (chemo, radiation) that the body is irreparable, or the will to live is not greater than the desire to die and escape the pain.  This “threshold” of the point-of-no-return is different for everyone, since each individual has different levels of motivation and education, as well as varying financial abilities, different childhood memories, childhood vaccines, poor choices in diet and lifestyle, environmental exposures to chemicals, previous injuries that have not healed and cause constant pain, etc..  Those who can afford a naturopathic doctor or health coach (usually out of pocket) are at an advantage.  Those who cannot must learn for themselves what was once common knowledge about how to heal naturally.  Some people don’t have the time or energy, or even the know-how, to do the research in time to save themselves.

2.  The person with cancer is unable to fully comprehend the concepts of an alkaline-producing diet at a fast enough pace.  Going “cold turkey” seems almost impossible for anyone, and it takes time to re-learn how to eat.  People with cancer do not have the luxury of “thinking about it” for a while.  Very few people are able to afford even a weekend at any of the nation’s best holistic resorts/clinics, where they teach you how to eat alkaline and clean food, where they assist you through your initial detox, and where they teach you how to “do-it-yourself” when you go back home.  Additionally, even in America, many people do not have access to organic, nutritious, local food.  The era of local farms and self-sustainability has disappeared and we now have “food desserts” .  Most people are stuck with the food they can find at grocery stores, which stock mostly junk food.  There is a new growing trend of local farms slowly happening, but it will not be in time to save many who do not have access to them.

3.  Family members and friends who do not support the choice to go natural often add more stress to the patient’s will-power than they can handle.  Stress is a well-documented contributary to the onset of disease, and some cancers can be easily linked to a high level of long-term stress in a person’s life.  If a person chooses to fight cancer naturally, everyone needs to be on-board…or politely stand back and respect their choice.  Additionally, it also helps if friends and family who are always around the person with disease try to not eat fast food, sugary foods, candy, soda and other high-acid foods while in view of the person who is trying to get healthy.  It takes teamwork, it takes effort on all person’s involved.  It is not fair to eat fried chicken or ice cream in front of someone who is dedicating themselves to an alkaline, vegan diet.

4.  CT scans, biopsies, chemotherapy, prescription drugs, mountains of paperwork, lack of time and emotional support from their oncologist, and the general negativity of the exposure to medical offices and facilities are all contributors to the lack of success in the cancer industry.  I have yet to speak to a cancer patient who does not complain of all the above.  The CT scans are equivalent to smoking 1400 cigarettes, so the person has to make a choice to not get any more of these toxic scans.  Those who choose the natural route are labeled as “problem patients,” literally, on their medical records.  So, at a certain point in your journey to health, you will need to research safer ways to get tested so that you can limit your exposure to radiation as much as you possibly can.  When enough improvement has been felt, you will need to consider when it is time to stop going back.  Believe it or not, this step is often the most difficult for many people who have become dependent on conventional testing methods.

5.  Few people know what real food is anymore.  80% of the “food” they sell in grocery stores is toxic and void of any nutrition.  The lunch program at most public school is generally filled with genetically modified, acidic, canned and/or preserved foods flavored with white processed sugar or table salt.  Ketchup is made with high fructose corn syrup.  The milk is flavored with sugar and artificial flavoring and coloring.  The government MyPlate contains wheat (gluten), factory-farmed meat, fruit (sugar) and pasteurized dairy at every meal, all of which promote disease, and especially at the quantities suggested.  Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Easter, Christmas…candy, candy candy, cupcakes, soda, hot dogs, chips, hamburgers and bar-b-que ribs from diseased-ridden factory-farmed animals. Genetically-modified foods have been in the American food supply since 1994.  The majority of our children have never eaten real food.  In order for a person to learn how to eat healthy, they have to learn what real food is, which is quite the sad state of affairs for an entire population of people.  We have been stripped of our ancient knowledge of food.  If we do not re-capture the knowledge of what real food is, humanity is ripe to see suffering like it never has before.

6.  Persons with cancer are often tired.  They need help and motivation and positivity.  They need help remembering when to take their supplements.  It helps if someone close to them assists with juicing, making a supplement schedule, preparing alkaline meals and basically being a life coach who can help the person stay on top of the protocols and provide emotional assistance.  If they do not take the recommended dosages and stay “on the plan,” then they probably will not succeed…and often, cancer patients are too tired to keep up with it all.  Persons with cancer, and their friends and family, also need to be prepared to read and to learn about the protocols that they are using, and to be willing to watch videos and documentaries, and to educate themselves.  There is not a magic pill.  It will be work and sometimes it will feel uncomfortable to have to change so fast, but it can be done.

7. Health insurance for cancer patients only covers chemotherapy, radiation, prescription medications and surgery, none of which get rid of the under-lying problems that caused cancer to begin with.  All of these treatments damage the body even more than it was at the onset of treatment.  If a conventional oncologist mentions the concept of using an alkaline diet and detoxing as an alternative, they most likely will lose their job.  If a person decides to go natural, they must pay for everything out of pocket.  So the system itself is designed to funnel everyone into conventional therapy, and to ignore/ridicule holistic food protocols.  There are many cancer patients who would like to use their insurance to pay for holistic cancer treatments, but are unable to.

8.  Persons with cancer are not willing to stop doing the things that contribute heavily to toxicity and that create more and more acidic conditions such as eating food with added sugars, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating fast food and/or GMO’s, eating heavily-processed foods, working in toxic environmental conditions, situations of constant negativity and stress, etc.  A large part of the natural healing process involves dealing with the spiritual matters that drive poor lifestyle and eating habits, as well as the realization that there are legitimate food addictions that have to be overcome.  Sugar is as addictive as cocaine.  Most people don’t understand this until they try to stop eating it.  The healing of the body is holistic, as the physical heals so does the spiritual and mental.

The point is that natural and holistic methods, as well as diet change and detoxification, can work beautifully for people who are getting poor results from conventional medicine.  But it ultimately comes down to the attitude of the person and their willingness to discipline themselves in their new eating habits.  The success of the protocols is largely determined by simply doing them…or not….and avoiding the temptations that surround us all, including meals that friends and family bring to them that are questionable in their quality.  The person will have to identify environmental stressors and problematic people who create negativity, and temporarily avoid confrontations with these toxic environments and negative people during recovery.  Reversing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease and others requires a change-of-heart about what food is, and what being healthy means.  It is not an easy road, it is full of healing crisis episodes and withdrawals from from additives and sugars.  But it is very possible for anyone to get healthy again, if they chose to do so.

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Why I am going to Washington DC to support Islam

There are questions that I get asked about my association with Islam.  I have had several people ask me if I have become a Muslim, mostly out of curiosity.  I have lost a few friends.  I have even received a few threats (a letter in the mail, messages on Facebook, etc).  So, I thought I would explain myself, especially before I go to Washington DC to participate in the American Muslim March on Washington, July 23 2016.  Its a peace rally, there will be families there, there will be speakers from different faiths, its a call for help and for support from American citizens.

First of all, I have not become a Muslim.  I am a student of religion but not a member of any religion, and this makes me comfortable.  I began studying religion in college, at first as an attempt to understand all the different religious people around me, because I didn’t understand religion and, to be honest, was a little rebellious toward religion because of negative experiences against me by people who judged me for not being Christian.   In contrast, I enjoyed my college world religion classes very much and quickly became passionate about understanding all the world’s religions for my own benefit, even if it meant spending a lifetime doing so because there is a lot of material to read and understand with endless dissection and dot-connecting.

I began attending free public classes at the Islamic Society of Central Florida around December 2012, by my own free will, and by myself..mostly because there seemed to be increasing negative press about the religion.  From the beginning, it was understood that I would not be interested in becoming a Muslim, because the message was more powerful if I was not a Muslim and developed a relationship with them.  They agreed.  I had only studied Islam during part of one college semester, so I wanted to know more but didn’t want to go back to college.  My advisor told me about the classes at the mosque, so I went, and I have learned a lot.  I also have taught classes at the mosque in nutrition, and I have also worked with them at conferences and public events.  I have never had one problem with anyone, its always been a good experience to participate in their activities and learn from them.

Because the topic of civil rights came up over and over in many of my college classes, it began bothering me that the religion called Islam was being described to the public in very discriminatory ways, while at the same time there were so many regrettable political and military problems going on in the Middle East.  I observed Americans who knew nothing about Islam talking about Muslims as if they were violent animals with no good qualities about them, and yet I never was taught this about Islam in college.  It is impossible for every single person in a major world religion to be criminal-minded, that is not common sense.  We have allowed common sense to be weakened and over-shadowed by propaganda.  It has happened so many times in history: the Crusades, International African slave trade, wars, colonization and genocidal actions against Native Americans and also Aborigines in Australia and also in Africa, violence and discrimination against African-Americans, Native Americans, Japanese (during WWII),  LGBT, Jewish/Christian/Muslim persecutions…usually against each other…and most recently White people are being judged harshly, we have to be more careful – all of these incidents and more were created and enabled by propaganda being told to certain groups, making them suspicious and fearful of other groups.  Its the oldest trick the bag, its been going on since ancient times.  And the masses fall for it every time because they forget history, or never learned history at all.  Here are some examples of some images that have been used in the past to create fear, notice the similarity of things you read and hear about Islam today.

Anti-Japan2          a999drnatives_2050081722-34089          chinese-must-go-but-who-keeps-them-11-may-1878

I am going to Washington DC because over the last 3 1/2 years I have learned a lot about Islam, and it isn’t matching what I am hearing in the news.  Its clearly a discrimination issue (and its getting dangerous)…and a misinformation issue, and a communication issue, and a political issue, and a media abuse issue, and lots and of other issues to correct.  And its not really just about Islam, because there are several battles going on, some are legit and some are propaganda-driven.  Its about rising above the propaganda and getting our common sense back.  It could be any of us that gets targeted and has to defend ourselves against discriminating generalizations made by the media and by politicians.  They can group/categorize us however they want, according to what they need.  We’ve put each other through a lot of misery throughout history because the rulers know how to divide us and create issues out of thin air.  Pass out a few flyers and you can make people go to war against each other.  We are gullible.  Easy to manipulate.  This is definitely a bigger problem than Islam, in fact this is the problem.

I am going to Washington DC because I was invited to go with them and participate as a volunteer, which means I will be observing things from a close perspective, which is the chance of a lifetime.  Of course I am nervous about what might happen, but not at the hands of the people I will be traveling with.  I am pretty sure that everyone is nervous, it is a very tense time and there is a lot of confusion out there to address about Islam.  But what else do you do?  Stay home and do nothing?  This is history happening, it is good trying to overcome evil.  There is no room for worrying about what could go wrong.  This feels like the right thing to do, its humans at their best, trying to reach out to each other.  Its ideal for an anthropologist to participate.  I want to take pictures and talk to people who are there, maybe I might want to tell a story about it someday.

I am going to Washington DC because I strongly support Freedom of Religion even though I consider myself a non-religious person.  I benefit from Freedom of Religion too, freedom from being judged as a person with no religious affiliation, which has happened.  Not everyone judges, I realize this.  I have been treated very well and with a lot of respect by the members of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, despite my non-religious declaration to them, and I should stand with them.  Religious freedom is for all of us, not just a few.  I have made some good friends at the mosque, I have learned a LOT about Jesus (because they adore Jesus) and all the prophets, Middle East history, and of course…Islam.  I see what they go through every time another attack happens somewhere in the world and it is blamed on Islam.  I want to see them succeed in their mission, and I am hoping that Americans can open their hearts and let go of this hate.  I believe it is possible for everyone to have the freedom to exist in peace, without losing cultural identity or traditions.  That is what I thought America was.

I am going to Washington DC because a lot of people have died, needlessly, over the years, on all sides, because of ignorance, confusion and misunderstandings.  This seems like a good way to begin climbing out of the darkness, possibly stop some war in the future because no one wants to fight anymore, but it is a big mountain to climb.  Everyone has to pitch in.  There are so many things to learn from each other before the confusion ends.  I hope that this weekend is the beginning of a new era of understanding.   I hope we get home safe afterwards.  I hope I make new friends.  I hope the fear begins to disperse and leave this planet.  In the end, we are all humans, despite our different labels.  The human (humanity) part of us is what this peace rally in Washington DC is trying to reach out to.

For the record, I am not an Atheist either.

May the Force be with Us.

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Links between bacteria and cancer – Part 1


History, Description, Nutritional and Environmental Requirements of Certain Bacteria

A bacteria cell is known as a procaryote.  Bacteria and Archaea are both prokaryotes, but are slightly different genetically.  4 billion years ago, procaryote cells appeared on planet Earth and were the only life form for the next 2 billion years.  Their fossilized remains are found in very ancient sedimentary rocks, mainly in South Africa and western Australia.  Procaryotes are single-celled organisms that do not have a membrane-enclosed nucleus, multiple chromosomes, mitochondria, chloroplasts, the golgi apparatus, etc that can be found in eukaryotic cells.  Eukaryotic cells did not appear on Earth until 1.5 to 2 billion years ago, organelles and mitochondria inside of the eukaryotes are believed to be prokaryotes that have fused into the cell and become a part of its composition.  For this reason, some behaviors of the internal parts of eukaryotes still resemble those of their ancient ancestors (fermentation capabilities). [1-  The Origin of Life]

Prokaryotic cells are extraordinarily diverse and exhibit several types of metabolism.  The two earliest forms of metabolism by prokaryotic cells were lithotropic (bacteria that decompose rocks) and fermentation (bacteria that eat sugars).  Photosynthesis came next and appeared around 3 billion years ago, when enough oxygen had been produced in the atmosphere by the off-gassing of fermentation.  Prokaryotic cells can mutate quickly to adapt to new conditions.  In about 15 minutes, a widespread mutation can appear within a single generation.  Bacteria can also transfer genetic material from one organism to another, including between different Kingdoms, in a process called horizontal gene transfer (HGT).  HGT allows the recipient to experiment with new genetic material.  “HGT is becoming realized as a significant force in driving cellular evolution.” [1-  Evolution of Bacteria and Archaea]

There are currently around 3,000 species of prokaryotes that are known, and it is speculated that this is less than 1% of all species of prokaryotes on the planet.  They are the most abundant form of Life, although we cannot see them without powerful microscopes.  It is believe that 90% of the total weight of all the animal life in the ocean is of prokaryotic cells.  They are equally as abundant in the soil, and in organisms like animals and plants…and humans.  They out number our own cells 10-to-1.  Some grow in filaments or masses, others remain in a common sheath or slime secreted by the cells.

As a side-note from my own experiences with making Kombucha, it has always seemed interesting to me that the bacteria that creates the “scobie” that floats at the top of the batch looks a lot like skin, and it is solid and hard to penetrate without a sharp object…is it possible that our skin is a shield of bacteria, and are the cells are actually located within, and being supported by, these bacterial tissues that are held up by bones?  The ph of our over-all tissue make-up would seem to dictate which bacteria thrived within our bodies.   If we become too acidic, the bacteria that love acid (saprophytes) will flourish and devour our dead tissues…as Nature intended.  Just a thought to ponder and imagine for a while.

“The combined effects of fast growth rates, high concentrations of cells, genetic processes of mutation and selection, and the ability to exchange genes, account for the extraordinary rates of adaptation and evolution that can be observed in the prokaryotes.” [1- Evolution of Bacteria and Archaea]

Prokaryotes vary widely in their response to oxygen:

1.   Obligate aerobes require oxygen for survival.

2.  Obligate anaerobes are inhibited or killed by oxygen.

3.  Facultative anaerobes can grow with or without oxygen.

Prokaryotes very with temperature:

1.  Psychrophiles can be found in extremely cold temperatures.

2.  Mesophiles can be found at room temperature and at human blood temperature.

3.  Thermophiles are found in extremely hot temperature.

The nutritional quality of the environment will largely determine which prokaryotes will be present, but other variables do as well such as the availability of light, oxygen, the ph of the fluids, temperature and salinity of the environment.

Various types of prokaryotes and their diet preference:

1.  Saprophytes obtain their nourishment from dead organic matter.

2.  Lithotropic  prokaryotes break-down rocks, and use inorganic compounds as sources of energy.

3.  Photosynthetic bacteria convert light energy into chemical energy.

1. “Todar’s Online Book of Bacteriology.” Kenneth Todar PhD, University of Wisconsin. (go to chapter that is mentioned in citation)

2. “The Biological Basis of Cancer.” Robert G McKinnell, Cambridge University Press, Mar 13, 1998.


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Diet change first, then focus on supplements and protocols

For thousands of years, humans all over the world have relied on herbs, wild plants, food and medicinal recipes, essential oils and teas to maintain good health, and also to address health problems.  It has been known since ancient times that the body needs good nutrition and clean water and air to stay healthy and strong.  However, throughout the last century, Americans have been conditioned toward the instant-relief of a pill to stop a runny nose,  a cough syrup to suppress a cough,  a tablet to reduce acid reflux, a capsule that does it all PLUS makes you drowsy, and/or any other number of symptom blockers that are available over-the-counter or at prescription strength.  The problem with symptom blockers is that they go against religious medicine, and thus, against Nature:

There are ten things, which if blocked or restrained cause harm: blood when it is agitated, semen when it is moving, urine, feces, wind, vomiting, sneezing, sleep, hunger, thirst.  Each of these ten, if repressed, bring about some kind of malady. (“Medicine of the Prophet,” Ibn Quayyim Al-Jawziyya. Penelope Johnstone [translator] 1998 page 5)

More often than not, these “ten things” are reactions to imbalances inside or around the body.  Our body sneezes, coughs, vomits, etc in order to remove (or block in-coming) impurities and toxins, or to expel putrid and acidic gases and fluids in order to maintain homeostasis.  In my opinion, the anti-nausea medications given to chemotherapy patients could cause more damage by allowing the chemotherapy (poison) to remain in the body instead of being expelled by vomiting (I wouldn’t do chemotherapy anyway).  Likewise, blocking a runny nose with decongestants is an invitation for a more serious sinus infection.  Taking cough suppressants can lead to more serious lung problems, since the lungs are not able to detoxify properly by expelling infected phlegm.  And the worse one (in my opinion), are fever-reducing medications.  A fever is one of the most important capabilities of our immune system.  It is difficult for people who have chronic disease to mount a sufficient fever against any infection…which is why they have disease.

The body can in fact gain great advantage from fever, an advantage which cannot achieved by medication.   (“Medicine of the Prophet,” Ibn Quayyim Al-Jawziyya. Penelope Johnstone [translator] 1998 page 19)

Most importantly, symptom blockers do not resolve the underlying causes of the symptoms.  They do not bring about any type of real healing, other than temporary relief which may make it easier to get rest.  There reason that symptom blockers are not a good path to real health is because most health problems (that you were not born with) are linked to poor nutrition, environmental exposures and toxicity, poor sleep, excessive drinking or cigarette smoking, lack of exercise and other poor lifestyle choices…aging is a very small part of the problem.  It is more natural to be healthy throughout life than to grow old with disease.  Your state of health at an old age is mostly the result of how you treat your body throughout your life, much like how you treat your car.

Physicians are agreed that when treatment is possible through diet, there should be no recourse to medicine; and when treatment is possible through a simple, there should be no recourse to a compound.  It is said: Whenever it is possible to heal an illness by diet and precautions, there should be no attempt to heal it with medicines.  Also, the physician must not be enthusiastic for the administration of medicines; for when a medicine does not find any illness in the body to dissolve, or when it finds an illness for which it is not the appropriate treatment, of finds which is appropriate, but for which its amount or quality is too great, it clings to the healthy state an impairs it.  (“Medicine of the Prophet,” Ibn Quayyim Al-Jawziyya. Penelope Johnstone [translator] 1998 page 7)

Health and healing start with diet, and without a healthy, organic alkaline diet, no supplement or pill is going to do much for you.   Also, reluctance to change the diet to avoid the foods that are causing harm shows that the person is not serious about getting healthy or may not fully understand the important of diet.  The first step is not what supplement you should take, it is whether or not you are willing to change your diet and lifestyle.   If you are not willing to eat healthy, you will not get healthy and this is a fact.

To eat healthy, you must consider two things:

  1. Is your food real and organic, or does it contain chemicals and synthetic ingredie   nts?
  2. Is your meal, as you look at it sitting on your plate, mostly alkaline or mostly acid foods?


alkalinefoodplateTo make your plate “alkaline,” make sure that it has around 70% alkaline foods, and 30% acid foods.  More alkaline if you are sick or trying to reverse disease.  A great resource for how to eat alkaline is  Alkaline diets can be vegan, vegetarian, or it can include meat.  It really depends on what stage of healing you are at, and if you are trying to lose weight, detox or gain muscle.  Raw food diets, Paleo diets, Ketogenic diets, Whole Food diets…these can all be alkaline ways of eating.  Healthy fats and oils are always highly encouraged.  It takes work, it takes dedication, it takes you deciding that you love yourself enough to do this for yourself. Its not about taking a pill, it is about changing the way you eat.  It can be a fun, rewarding, enlightening journey…or it can be a nuisance.  To those who it is a nuisance, I beg you to find a reason to live so that diet change becomes joyful and something to look forward to instead of a nuisance.  Attitude change about many things is often the block to healing for most people.

And AFTER you change your diet, and after you have done everything you possibly can with food alone, then you can start thinking about what supplements you should try out such as antioxidants, heavy metal detoxifiers, organic sulfur, parasite cleanses, liver cleanses, etc.  Sometimes, you only need to do protocols for certain durations, then move onto a new one.  Supplements and protocols are the icing on the cake, not the foundation, of getting healthy.  a healthy, alkaline diet is going to take the edge off of a lot of your health woes all by itself, and it will start the detoxification process too when you stop putting trans-fats, chemicals and processed foods into your body. Stop eating at restaurants unless you are absolutely certain they serve fresh, organic healthy meals. Stop letting your friends buy you birthday cakes and chocolates to make you feel better, because they are not making your feel better – they are making you sick.

Let they food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food ~ Hippocrates


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Top Eleven Ways to Avoid Cancer and other Degenerative Disease

While it is difficult to create a one-size-fits-all method that will suit everyone, there are some things that we should all be doing to increase our vital health and decrease our vulnerability to disease.  The following eleven methods of living healthier have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of cancer, while boosting the person’s health to an all-time high.  To die peacefully of old age, instead of disease, it the goal.   Additionally, it is highly recommended that if you already have cancer/disease, you should also do these things as well but with a much higher level of dedication and intensity.

1.  Eat less meat or no meat, and definitely avoid factory-farmed meat.  Factory-farmed meats have become large part of the American diet, but they deliver deadly consequences.  The biggest threat is the (approx) 80 different types of antibiotics used in the animals to keep them alive under filthy living conditions.  These antibiotics are then ingested by the person who eats the meat, and over time the person becomes antibiotic resistant.  Pathogenic bacteria excrete acids (unlike the “good” bacteria, which excrete vitamins), and this sets the stage for disease.  Second, your body uses pancreatic enzymes to digest meat AND to digest the protein outer-shell of random cancer cells throughout the body, thus allowing your immune system to be able to identify it as a threat to your health.  Pancreatic enzymes are being used by some doctors as a highly-successful treatment for cancer.  The more meat you eat, the fewer of these pancreatic enzymes will be available to scavenge your body for cancer cells.  This is why heavy meat-eaters have a higher incidence of cancer.  If you want to include meat into your diet, find local resources of pastured, clean, antibiotic-free meat.  Invest in good pancreatic enzymes and take them after your meals, especially after eating animal proteins.

2.  Learn how to eat more alkaline foods than acidic foods.  Most Americans have fallen prey to the government food plate guidelines for eating, an image that promotes pasteurized dairy, meat, fruit and grains at every meal.  These foods promote metabolic acidosis and provide little nutrition, and can ruin our health over time.  The image below reflects the money that was spent by these industries to get included onto the plate, it does not reflect a healthy diet.  Acid foods cause your body to lose minerals, instead of gaining.  The goal of any alkaline diet, whether you chose to be vegan, vegetarian or if you chose to include meat (no more than 1-2 times per week), is to eat 70-80% alkaline foods and 20-30% acid foods.  A person with disease should eat alkaline 90-100% of the time until their health is under control.  Eating more alkaline takes time to learn for most people because they have become accustomed to eating too many processed, over-abundant acidic foods.  Many people are addicted to sugar and artificial chemicals and will have to make themselves overcome these addictions.  Changing habits is not easy for anyone, but it is necessary if you want to improve your current conditions.  There are many resources available online and in books now about how to eat more alkaline.  To know which foods are acid and which foods are alkaline, access the MANY acid/alkaline food charts that can be found online. 


Government Food Plate



Alkaline Food Plate

3.  Go on a 3-day raw vegetable juice detox at least one each year, to clean out your body from accumulated toxins.  There are many resources online that people have shared, blogs, personal stories, holistic health sites that offer various versions of a juice fast.  Here is an excellent one as an example from “Raw Food Life.”   Incorporate various methods of daily detoxification into your lifestyle, such as drinking lemon water first thing in the morning.  This is made even more potent by also adding a bit of apple cider vinegar.  This should be consumed on an empty stomach, to allow it to penetrate into your detoxification organs quicker and before the tonic become rancid.  Add lemon to your water as much as possible throughout the day.  Learn to add Chlorella and/or organic sulfur to your water as well, for heavy metal detoxification and to raise your ph and to increase oxygen in the blood.  These can all be consumed daily for many health benefits other than just metal detoxification.

4.  Vow to avoid prescription medications that only mask symptoms of health problems.  Avoiding your health problems by taking a pill to mask the pain or the symptoms is not going to help you get rid of the problem.  The use of prescriptions drugs has recently joined the ranks as one of the top-5 leading causes of death in the United States now.   Learn how to use food-as-medicine, such as apple cider vinegar for high blood sugar and cholesterol problems, fermented vegetables like sauerkraut (not from a can) for digestive problems (IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, etc), and wheatgrass as super-vitamin/mineral/amino acid/detoxifier supplement.  There are foods for every health problem because degenerative health problems are typically diet-related and are a sign of malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, not that you actually have a “disease.”

5.  Get more sunshine to boost your vitamin D levels, which is one of the most important vitamins you need to protect you against cancer.  It is estimated that the LACK of vitamin D is at the root of over 1,000,000 deaths per year.   Most sunscreens saturate the body with artificial ingredients that can cause cancer, in addition to blocking the skin’s ability to create vitamin D.  Stop wearing sunscreen with artificial ingredients in it and use coconut oil instead, and eat cold-pressed coconut oil daily so that you have a lot of this valuable oil in your skin to help absorb the sunlight without burning.  Having an abundant of healthy oils and fats in your diet enables your skin to absorb the sunlight as it was intended.  Most people burn from sun exposure because they do not have the right oils and fats in their diet, and so their skin is not able to process the sun and they burn instead.  Many people who say that they cannot get a tan will suddenly develop some color simply by changing the oils that they cook with.  Dr Johanna Budwig, a German scientists in the 1900’s, proved that the sunshine and the right oils in the diet could reverse cancer over 90% of the time when the person was also on a strong alkaline diet and on a raw juice fast:

“Is the sun no longer of any benefit to us?  I do not believe that man’s interventions in cosmic relationships, biological processes and our biological-dynamic balance, have gone so far as to negate the positive influence of the sun.  That has to lie in the receiving antenna.  It is quite possible that the human antenna for sunbeams is not longer functioning.”  

(Flax Oil as as True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarctions, Cancer and Other Diseases, Dr Johanna Budwig, page 25-6)

6.  Use oil of oregano instead of antibiotics that your doctor may prescribe to you when you get sick.  Not only does oil of oregano kill basic bacterial infections, but it has been shown to kill mutated bacteria that has become antibiotic resistant, it kills viruses, fungus ( such as Candida) and parasites lurking in your intestines, which usually happens as a result of eating factory-farmed meats.  And it does all of this without stripping your intestines of the “good bacteria” that live there and provide you with vitamins K and B12, among others.  If you have no gut flora, you cannot digest food.  Most people who die from “cancer” actually died from starvation and/or the treatments themselves.  At the root of most degenerative health conditions is a damaged gut flora that cannot properly digest food.  Chemotherapy and radiation also destroy a person’s gut flora.  Few patients are ever told to rectify this problem, and they starve to death.

7.  Eat more raw vegetables and fewer fruits.  Fruit contains fructose, which in high amounts is toxic to your kidneys.  Your kidneys can only process so much sugar in a day, about the same as one apple…thus the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Any more than this and your kidney starts to become over-burdened trying to process excess sugars in your diet.  Fructose will not cause a spike in your blood sugar like white processed sugar will, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that eating fruit all day long is good for you.  These same concepts apply to organic red wine, which is medicinal at 1-2 glasses per day, but toxic with more than this amount.  Fruits and berries contain many important nutrients, many of the same one that we get from vegetables, but the fructose can become a problem.  Never juice fruits only or give children apple juice or orange juice, you are drinking pure sugar!  The fiber is there to keep you from eating too much fruit, when you juice fruit you end up consuming the fructose of more fruit than you would have eaten in an entire day.  “Too much of a good thing” is a good rule of thumb with fruit.  About 15grams of fructose per day is safe, that is about one organic apple.

8.  Exercise and sweat as much as you can.  Sweating is the body’s most effective way of detoxing.  This is why the winter months become so dangerous for those who have health conditions, and this is why the month of January has always been the month with the highest number of deaths out of the entire year.  People don’t sweat in the winter as much as they do in the summer, this has been known since ancient times.  Additionally, the days are shorter and vitamin D levels plummet as the winter months go by.  Any chronic infections or health problems that you have will worsen each winter if you do not do something to combat the effects of the winter months on your health.  If winter were to last 6 more month, many people would begin to die simply from lack of sunshine and from lack of sweating.  If you have chronic health problems that get worse with each winter, you are in danger of eventually being diagnosed with disease.  Many health problems lessen once springtime arrives, causing people to put the issue on the back-burner until the next winter comes around.  Don’t wear deodorant if you don’t have to.  Blocking your body’s natural needs to detoxify itself is not always such a great idea.

9.  Avoid toxic foods like GMO’s (genetically modified organism), processed foods from a box and chemicals in the ingredient list that you cannot pronounce, and stay away from soda/Gatorade/Red Bull/etc and drink clean water.  Avoid fast food, processed sugar, bread made with yeast (instead of sourdough, which is made in the traditional/ancient ways and which reduces the gluten), pasteurized dairy (instead of raw dairy) and foods that contain artificial colors or dyes.  Opt for real whole foods that look the same as if they had just been picked off of the tree or vine.  If you don’t know what real, unadulterated and highly nutritious food is, its time to learn.

10.  Change the salt and oil in your cooking.  I recommend Celtic sea salt as a staple in your kitchen, Himalayan sea salt is good too.  Despite the hype about salt causing high blood pressure, it is not the salt that is the problem.  It is the white table salt, which is 1/3 sand, 1/3 glass and 1/3 salt.  This salt scrapes the inside of your arteries, causing them to produce cholesterol to protect itself, and it is addictive since it is an isolated chemical.  Unprocessed sea salt contains all of the minerals found in the ocean, which we need to be healthy.  It is considered a whole food for this reason.  Use coconut oil for high heat cooking, instead of olive oil , canola or soybean oil.  Canola and soybean oil are toxic, olive oil is often diluted with these so check the labels and make sure you are buying real olive oil.  Olive oil should remain room-temperature, do not use it for cooking.  Olive oils, and other delicate oils, become rancid when exposed to high heat.  Rancid oils in your diet begin to coat the body’s cells, leaving them unable to absorb oxygen.  This causes the cell to become anaerobic, which is what a cancer cell is.

11.  Avoid Ct scans, annual mammograms, x-rays and other methods of detection that involve radiation…unless you have a really good reason to do so.   Studies show that radiation therapy makes cancer cells 30-times more malignant.    Ask your doctor about ways for testing that do not include radiation, they do exist.  Thermography is a great choice and so is SCIO bio-feedback, but these methods are not typically covered by insurance.   This needs to change, there is no reason why insurance should be limited to only a few methods of detection which happen to cause more problems.  If you do have to expose yourself to radiation, makes use of baking soda radiation detox baths.  Even healthy people that have never had a CT scan should take advantage of baking soda detox baths, since we are all exposed to radiation from other sources such as airport terminals, security entrances to courthouses, EMF’s, etc.  Baking soda has even been used to clean radioactive uranium out of the soil.

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A demonstration of what digestive enzymes and probiotics will do to increase your digestive potential








     Five glasses, each one containing a piece of chicken sausage, a cauliflower floret and a piece of onion.  Each on contains the same amount of filtered water.

Each glass contains the following, from left to right:


Glass 1 – filtered water only

Glass 2 -filtered water and 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Glass 3 -filtered water, 1 tsp fresh lemon juice, 2 tsp salt brine from fermented vegetables (contains live probiotics)

Glass 4 -filtered water, 1 tsp fresh lemon juice, bromelain and pancreatic enzymes

Glass 5 -filtered water, 1 tsp fresh lemon juice, 2 tsp salt brine from fermented vegetables, bromelain and pancreatic enzymes


After ten hours, with a lot of stirring throughout the day, this is what happened:


Filtered water only. Sausage is still intact and holds its shape, onion and cauliflower are still fresh.




Lemon juice and salt brine from fermented vegetables only.  Chicken is a tiny bit more tenderized, nothing else looks different.




Lemon juice and bromelain and pancreatic enzymes.  Meat is very battered, pieces of it missing, onion is starting to look worn.  Cauliflower looks the same.




Lemon juice, salt brine from fermented vegetables (probiotics), bromelain and pancreatic enzymes.  Meat is starting to really dissolve, onion is beginning to frazzle around the edges and look worn, cauliflower looks about the same.  Chewing your food would have provided even more digestibility to the food, along with the extra digestive enzymes found in saliva, especially for raw vegetables such as the broccoli.





The quick morals of the story are that if you want great digestion abilities eat both fermented/probiotic-enriched foods AND take digestive enzymes, especially when you eat meat.  Chew your raw vegetables well to incorporate important digestive enzymes that are found in your saliva.  I think the next time I do this kind of experiment, I will chew up the food samples first, to see if that makes a noticeable impact.

To learn more about the importance of chewing your food, and how this is the first step to digesting hard-to-digest food…like raw vegetables….check out Dr Mercola’s discussion on this topic!

“7 Reasons to Properly Chew Your Food”

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